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So, don’t let the season’s gloomy weather rain on your parade, and if you’re at a loss for what to do when the heavens have opened, have a look at our overview below of things to do when it rains in Cape Town, from tea tasting to cave golf.

About 12 years or so ago Yoko wandered into the courtyard of our building in the Vieille Ville part of Geneva. This involved opening one of two enormous ancient wooden doors for access. My BF and I were on our way out, collecting our coats when I looked down into the cobblestone courtyard. Who the hell is that? My BF recognized her immediately. It probably helped that the nerd accompanying her was wearing a satin type jacket with the words Yoko Ono Band or something like this on its back. We couldn't believe it was she - and what the hell was she doing trespassing, just meandering around our courtyard? A security system with a keypad entry was installed not long afterward. She's a ballsy pain in the ass.

Various - R35 Rock & Pop Super HitsVarious - R35 Rock & Pop Super HitsVarious - R35 Rock & Pop Super HitsVarious - R35 Rock & Pop Super Hits